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Led Achterlichten Audi Q7 smoke


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Starting in 1991, Mr. Muhlberger started selling performance parts through a mail circulated catalog. Initially offering all known names in the industry. In 1996 it was clear that there was room for another brand to surface. The interest was in suspensions and lowering springs. The development of loweing springs became a priority and in 1998, FK Automotive was born. FK Automotive distrubuted a large catalog now offering only FK branded parts. After 10 years, FK Automotive has the largest TUV certitified lowering spring programs on the market today. FK then broadened their range to include more than just supensions, and gradually the product offering was immense.

A Short Overview:


The mail oder company was sold and FK Automotive Ltd. was founded. Production centers were added and FK branded products were added to the offering. All of this and Mr. Muhlberger was only 26 years old!


FK Automotive aquires it’s present headquarters and adds a warehouse, sales offices, cnc productoin, and coilover center. Expansion starts, and sales grow 50%.


Further expansion of an additonal warehouse on site, which nearly doubled the storage capacity.


FK recieves a award from the L-Bank of the state of Baden Wuerttemberg.


FK had a annual turnover of over 30M Euro and was forced to expand and aquire more logistical space.


April 4th, a massive fire in our warehouse destroys our stock and logistical center. FK fought through this hardship to keep our customers happy and deliverys going. 2008: FK Automotive breaks ground on the current warehouse. 60.000 sq M of land was bought to provide the perfect location to the new warehouse. In Late 2008, the largest, most modern, and fastest tuning warehouse opened.


Die FK Automotive legt den Grundstein zur Erweiterung auf dem angrenzenden 60.000qm Grundstück, dass reichlich Platz auch für weitere zukünftige Erweiterungen bietet. Das Logistikzentrum wird mit modernsten Brandschutz und einer der größten Photovoltaikanlagen im Stuttgarter Raum ausgestattet. Ursprünglich war ein Einzug im September 2008 geplant, der jedoch aufgrund des großen Zeitverzugs des Beauftragten Generalunternehmer aus Kenzingen wird der Terminplan nicht eingehalten wurde.  So wurde der Umzug im November /Dezember 2008 jedoch noch rechtzeitig zur Saison 2009 entsprechend vorgenommen und abgeschlossen


FK now have one of the largest warehouse spaces in the area. With over 16.000 pallets stored our stock levels are unrivaled in the industry. Worldwide daily orders are processed quickly, efficently and correctly. FK have invested in only the best quality equipment for our warehouse staff to give them the best tools to help our customers.

FK is driven to provide maximum service and value for your money. We will never stop doing our best or you.

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